Rick Lipscomb


I began my wonderful photographic journey in the Fall of 2004. I stumbled across one picture I had taken by chance. The colors, lines, lighting, symetry it all hit me at once and I had to learn more. The "photobug" had bitten me really hard.

Now? I am always searching for the beauty hidden in plain sight, in the rural and rustic areas found along forgotten and not so forgotton back roads of the South.

You will also find me following the nearest storm in the pursuit of the beauty and sometimes dark side of Mother Nature. As an avid storm chaser for over 30 years, my work has been featured in newsprint, magazine and nationally on MSNBC, Good Morning America, ABC, Discovery Canada, The Weather Channel, Weather Nation and CNN.

Photography is a therapy for me as when looking through a lens of a camera it's me and my subject, finding that special image, hidden in plain sight. The creativeness then comes out and curiosity of  what is around the next bend in the road takes hold and we are off in search get the idea.